aeration and overseeding cost in Kansas City

Aeration and Overseeding Cost in Kansas City

Aeration and overseeding is a commitment that changes how thick and plush your yard will become. For our customers in Kansas City aeration and overseeding cost can be dramatic. Aerators can be rented from local places such as Lowes or Home Depot from $65-$250, on top of the price of grass seed! Other things that you should add when aeration and overseeding cost in Kansas City are soil conditioners, and starter fertilizers. This will help your yard out with growing grass in those shady areas. Adding these important features to your aeration and overseeding in Kansas City can tack on extra costs but with out them you could be wasting money on grass seed and renting an aerator by not protecting your investment.

aeration and overseeding cost in Kansas City
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We Will Aerate Your Yard For you!

Aeration: to change or treat with air or a gas, especially with carbon dioxide. When aerating your yard we use a machine that creates (1 inch in diameter) holes into your turf. What this does is opens the roots of the grass that is present for different nutrients to flow into the holes such as water, air, and carbon dioxide. Aeration also loosens the soil and allows grass roots (rhizome) to spread to spots that previously had no grass and sprout from those roots into new grass clusters (crown). The holes also allow grass seed to fall into the holes. So call R&S Lawn and Sprinkler today to schedule your lawn renewal today to get aeration and overseeding cost in Kansas City for your yard, sometimes cheaper than if you were to rent the machine your


Why should you use R&S

R&S Lawn and Sprinkler has been doing lawn care for the previous 20 years! We are a full service lawn care company. This is a great feature to look at when aeration and overseeding cost in Kansas City are though about because of our range of knowledge in under ground utilities such as a Sprinkler system or a drainage system. We send out a sprinkler technician during the aeration process to mark your sprinkler heads and valve boxes. This insures that if your sprinkler is broken from the aeration we know how to fix it! Just contact us to figure out your aeration and overseeding cost in Kansas City at (816)532-4999