Aerating Lawns in Kansas City

What does aerating lawns in Kansas City do?

When doing a fall lawn renewal, it is important to be aerating lawns in Kansas City. Aeration is a vital part of allowing your lawn to breathe and to breaking up compacted soil. Doing this allows for new grass seed to grow down in the soil rather than on top of it, as well as allow the existing grass to spread its roots further into the earth to grow stronger and healthier. The good news is, R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can help you with this process with quality assurance that your grass will be stronger than ever before.

Over the season your lawns soil can become very compacted and that makes it tougher for grass to spread its roots. If your lawn gets a lot of use because of children or pets, then chances are your soil is very compact and you will want to consider aerating. Aerating lawns in Kansas City involves pulling round plugs of soil out of the ground that are about 3 inches long to allow your soil to recycle. The more compact your yard is, the less nutrients and air flow get to all of your grass in the ground.TapiasFresnoLawnServiceFresno

How to get good results from aerating lawns in Kansas City

An important tip to remember about aerating lawns in Kansas City, is that your lawn should be fairly moist before beginning. This ensures that the best plugs will be pulled from the ground for maximum effect. Once your lawn is fully aerated, it is important to keep up mowing and watering. If you’re putting down new grass seed, you should hold off for at least a week or two to allow the new seed to germinate.

If you feel like you need your lawn aerated, don’t hesitate to call R&S Lawn and Sprinkler at 816-532-4999. You can also check out our full lawn renewal program for a cleaner, healthier lawn.