Adding Landscaping on a budget in your Smithville, Missouri home

My Landscaping Dreams Are Bigger Than My Budget! What Now?

Naturally, when you are dreaming of a complete landscaping makeover for your Smithville, Missouri, home you see all the pieces in your mind and all the details seem to fit together immediately. Then, when you decide to implement the design you find out that it is going to cost more than you are either willing to spend or have allotted for the job this spring. This doesn’t mean that it is the end of your landscaping dreams. The landscape design professionals at R&S Lawn Service can assist you in breaking the design into realistic stages so you can enjoy your space now while planning for the next expansion.

The key to meeting your design and budgetary needs is to start with one area at a time. Focus on one design element at a time and complete it before looking to another element or another design section. For example, if you want to add a lovely seating area to your landscape you might consider laying the floor (pavers or turf) and adding any necessary connections to existing pathways or edging first. Then find and add a set of comfortable chairs and a table. These are the bare basics needed for the area, but are you done? Probably not! Add the little details, such as an elevated birdhouse, cushions, or even a section of fencing to bring a closure to the small area before beginning to plan the next addition. By fully finishing each area before beginning the next it allows each area to be fully functional and gives a finished look to the area that just laying a floor over a large area and not being able to add the accessories to it just won’t accomplish. This tends to be overwhelming and the overall effect is depressing because none of the space is ready to use.

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