Adding edging into your garden

Shaping Up the Edges of Your Garden

When planning your spring, summer, or fall gardens take into consideration the edging needs of the planting beds. For the most part, gardens don’t just blend into the unplanted, green grass and it would be tragic if the carefully planted flowers were mowed over because they ventured into the grassy area of the yard. There is a need for edging along the outer borders of your Riverside, Missouri, planting beds.

In a perfect world, the edging should be planned and executed before the plants are added into the garden. However, it is possible for the edging to be added at a later date. This is definitely something that the landscape professionals at R&S Lawn Service can help you with if you are looking to add edging to existing planting beds. Traditionally, edging is used to keep things neat and tidy and delineate the space for lawn and the space for garden plants. In addition, it can be beautiful as well as functional. When looking for materials to use for the edging choose materials that will complement the plantings and not compete for visual attention. Edging can always be changed out if you decide to redesign planting beds or the entire landscape design (unless they are set in concrete!) A three inch high edging is visually pleasing, but adding a 10-12 inch edging provides a place to sit in addition to a border.  If you are not using a professional lawn care service, such as R&S Lawn Service for all mowing and trimming needs remember that you will need to leave room around your edging for your mower to roll. Give R&S Lawn Service a call today to set up a consultation appointment