Add Creativity into your Smithville, Missouri Landscape

No-Fuss Beauty Can Be Contemporary and Fun

A great way to bring some creativity to your Smithville, Missouri, landscape is to incorporate a contemporary flair. For busy homeowners who want a lot of style, but don’t want to have a lot of upkeep the contemporary look delivers both. A large grouping of a single plant, such as an ornamental grass, can give your yard a focal point that draws the eye and the visitor in. Ornamental grasses provide an almost nonstop show of color, motion, and sound. They are very durable as well and are all weather friendly. This is a definite plus with our variable weather in Missouri! The ornamental grasses will need some trimming in the beginning of the spring and may need to be divided as they grow and multiply, but whether you do that yourself or you have the landscape professionals at R&S Lawn Service do that for you, it’s a win-win.

To accent the plants, consider paths and patios. Both hardscape elements have great durability and provide a neat look that only needs occasional maintenance. Add a fountain or other water feature to add charm to the streamlined décor. Adding an arbor can also increase the privacy of your backyard getaway. Discuss these with the landscape team at R&S Lawn Service to determine what is best for your existing landscape or whether you are going to start fresh in the spring.

Another contemporary option that is very low maintenance involves eliminating your grass! While the green grass is seen as a status symbol it is also high maintenance. Consider various alternatives to keep your lawn looking great without all the upkeep. The removal of grass and the addition of Buffalograss, heather, or creeping herbs all make excellent groundcovers. If you want to eliminate the plants totally, a nice pea gravel or a combination of pavers or cobblestones will fit the description of beautiful yet maintenance free. No matter what you decide, the landscape professionals at R&S Lawn Service would be happy to meet with you and discuss it before the time comes to get into action.