Add a little color to your garden with a Mosaic

Make Your Garden Spring to Life with a Mosaic

One underused element for landscape design is the mosaic. The focus of landscape design is usually the plants, and rightly so, but what you are walking on and near can be as interesting and as colorful as your imagination. Consider adding a mosaic to the new landscape design for your Liberty, Missouri, home. What makes it even nicer is that once completed, the mosaic will take very little upkeep. The maintenance is limited to an occasional brush of the broom or a wash down with the garden hose.

Where can you place a mosaic? Mosaics can be placed anywhere, but are visually stunning if placed in a prominent place within your landscaping, perhaps beneath the entrance of the arbor or in proximity to a focal point, or even between outdoor rooms. If you have a second story, consider making sure you can see the mosaic from a second story window to add enjoyment from the inside too.

An outdoor mosaic can be made of many different materials, but commonly used items are river rocks, cobblestones, recycled clay street brick, Holland paver bricks and blocks, crescent Holland paver brick, handmade clay and mineral-glaze tile, peach and plum decorative lava rock, recycled glass, and interlocking pavers. You can also create a stepping-stone size mosaic using a patterned concrete block. Fill the block openings with soil, leaving about an inch of depth that can be filled with recycled glass gravel. This is a great way to add the color without the full mosaic design.

No matter what the project, the design experts at R&S Lawn Service can help plan and execute the installation of a new garden mosaic this spring! Call R&S today to set up a free consultation appointment.