Adding some Beautiful Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage in October

There are some definite plants that come to mind when you think about fall and foliage. The mum and aster are two of the most popular plants for fall color. However, there are many options to consider when looking to add to your Smithville, Missouri fall garden that can bring dynamic color and vibrant foliage to your fall landscape. The landscape professionals at R&S Lawn Service can help you sort through all the choices and help you find just the right plants for your yard.

What about kale? Kale? The salad ingredient, kale? Yes, but it’s not just for salads or fancy snacks anymore! Did you know that ornamental kale is a beautiful plant that enjoys cool temperatures and will show off its spectacular foliage particularly well in October? If it is planted in the early fall, you will be able to enjoy the brilliant colors throughout the whole season. It is a plant that definitely looks forward to the first frost. That snap of cold air causes the color to change and intensify. Kale’s leaves vary from pink and purple to green and white. Depending on the variety the leaves can be flat, ruffled or even curly, all adding dimension and depth to your fall garden. A similar plant that adds color is the ornamental cabbage. They are similar to the ornamental kale in their affinity for the first few frosts and their addition of brilliant color to the garden or fall containers.

Are you looking for something colorful, but not particulary flowery? How about some ornamental peppers? Ornamental peppers add a pop of color to your landscape. These little plants turn orange, red, white, yellow or even purple. You can technically eat ornamental peppers, but most are grown for their pretty colors, not their flavor! If you are handling these plants or touching their fruit you should wear gloves, because they are very hot.

Kale, cabbage and peppers might not be what you are looking for, so maybe ornamental grasses are what you need? Ornamental grasses, such as sea oats are distintive with flat drooping seed heads that start out green, but will change over the season to a surprising purple-brown color. At their full height they can reach up to three feet tall and are an excellent accent for a container or as a backdrop to other fall plants.

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