Spider Mites in Platte City

Spider Mites in Platte City

These little culprits are hard to see! Spider mites in Platte City are only about the size of a grain of pepper. However, despite being really small they can seriously damage your plants, making them look yellow and creating tiny webs. As you might have guessed from their ability to create webs spider mites are arachnids, not insects. These little spider relatives attack trees and garden plants, biting tiny holes on the surface of the plant and tree leaves, which destroys the leaves’ protective tissue and cells. This damage results in the leaves drying out and turning brown due to the loss of needed water. If you have noticed little tiny webs on the undersides of your plants or tree leaves in Platte City, Missouri, give R&S Lawn and Sprinkler a call today to discuss options for ridding yourself of these pests.

Eradicate Spider Mites!

Controlling spider mites in Platte City is a challenge because they really like the dry, dusty conditions that commonly go with the summers in the Midwest. To control them you have to spray the leaves and/or needles of the trees and plants with water. In addition you will need to hose down hardscape features, such as walkways, walls, arbors, and trellises that might also harbor dust. Cleaning up the debris around trees and plants will also discourage spider mites from making a home in your landscape. In addition to the watering, you also need to treat your landscape to kill the spider mites—making them unhappy isn’t enough to prevent damage.

How can we help!

R&S Lawn & Sprinkler has years of experience with spider mites and know how to effectively and efficiently rid your yard of these miniscule invaders. R&S uses only the top quality products designed to kill spider mites immediately. Give R&S a call today at (816) 532-4999 schedule a visit from one of the professionals to determine what the best course of action is for your landscape.