Lawn Renewal In Liberty Are Good For Your Yard

R&S Lawn & Sprinkler can give you the best looking yard for the best price!  Why Lawn Renewal in Liberty, MO are essential for your lawn!

It’s the end of another hot and dry summer. Your lawn is filled with thinning grass and “bald spots” (at least these spots aren’t on your head). It’s time to start thinking about fall lawn renewal in Liberty, MO. Thankfully, R&S Lawn & Sprinkler can help give your lawn that lush and healthy looking yard you’ve always wanted. You can look to us to give you the best quality lawn renewal program in the area!



Renewing your lawn can be a tough process, so why not let the professionals at R&S Lawn & Sprinkler do it for you? I can’t think of a reason why not. We provide services for liming, aerating, seeding, fertilizing and verticutting.

What Is The Process?

Lime: Liming your yard helps by reducing the pH levels in your soil that may be acidic to your grass.

Aeration: Aerating your lawn pulls round plugs of soil up from the yard allowing space for the roots of existing grass, water, and new grass seed to reach down farther into the soil for healthier growth.

Seeding: Putting down new grass seed on the lawn fills in thin areas giving you a thicker, fuller lawn and reduces space for new weeds to grow.

Starter Fertilizer: Starter fertilizer is put down right after the new grass seed. This fertilizer application helps germinate the new grass seed and stimulate its growth.

Verticut: By using a verticutter that cuts furrows (narrow trenches), new grass seed can penetrate the soil and establish a place to grow effectively. This is done in dead or bare spots of the yard. You can verticut an entire yard, however it can be unsightly for a while.


Fall is quickly approaching. Not enough time in your schedule to rent an aerator, pick up the products, or rent a verticutter? Let R&S Lawn & Sprinkler renew your lawn and save you some time. Contact us or call the office at 816-532-4999 to schedule your lawn renewal.