Butterfly Garden Kansas City

Create a butterfly and hummingbird haven!

The landscaping professionals at R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can help design a landscape that draws not just the eye, but wildlife as well. Since the bird and butterfly species evolved with their favorite native plants, planting certain trees, shrubs, and flowers will draw them to your garden. Whether you are looking to encourage butterflies or hummingbirds R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can help create a wildlife paradise in your yard. Butterfly Garden Kansas City is a great way to liven up your yard!

butterfly garden kansas cityButterfly Garden Kansas City

Creating a butterfly garden is a great way to utilize a Kansas City, Missouri yard. A butterfly garden is a berm in a small flat yard or where there is a slight elevation. The butterfly garden or berm can be created as small independent garden spaces with native plants such as Buttonbush, New Jersey tea, Rose verbena, Purple coneflowers, aromatic asters, and many more. When working on your design with R&S Lawn and Sprinkler don’t forget to include a space for your winged friends to get a drink of water. It is a great day to add a Butterfly Garden Kansas City!

Attracting Hummingbirds

hummingbirds are attracted to your garden in the same way we attract butterflies. Hummingbirds want to visit yards with lots of colorful, nectar-producing plants. Native species, such as blue sage, yellow honeysuckle, foxglove beardtongue, cardinal flower, and red buckeye will draw the feathered flitting friends near. The inclusion of a water mister allows the hummingbirds to clean their feathers while visiting your garden. Adding a hummingbird feeder with the sweet nectar can also encourage the tiny birds to stay in your yard from spring until fall. Call R&S Lawn and Sprinkler at (816)532-4999 to install your Butterfly Garden Kansas City today!