Backflow testing in Olathe

Backflow testing in Olathe!

It is the season to start Backflow testing in Olathe! There are three types of backflow preventors that are used in the mid-west. First There is a Double Check backflow preventor (DC). This is the most common backflow preventor used on sprinkler systems in the Kansas City area. The second most common type of backflow preventor is a Reduced Pressure Assembly (RPZ). This type of backflow preventor is used on high hazard materials such as boilers and when cross contamination is high. This type of backflow is common in the Parkville area and on the Kansas side of the city.  The last backflow preventor that is used in the mid-west is a Pressure/Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker (PVB/AVB). PVB/AVB were the most common backflow prevention early on. PVB/AVB are on there way out because they need to be one foot above the highest head in the yard.backflow testing in Olathe

Why is Backflow testing in Olathe important

All of the devices above have one goal in mind, to keep the water from coming back into your house.  Each device has a diaphragm that is designed to open for water to pass through and close when water tries to back into the house. This can happen if there is a break in the water main or if there is a small leak on the main. Water companies require you to have a backflow because we put chemicals on our lawns to prevent weeds and make the grass grow. If these chemicals get into the main water supply it could cause lots of harm for you, your neighborhood, and even your city.

Testing your backflow is a hassle, but its up to everyone to have it checked yearly to keep us safe. Give R&S Lawn and Sprinkler a call at (816) 532-4999 to have us come out and do your backflow testing in Olathe today! So R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can keep everyone safe and healthy.